Celebrating the life and legacy gift of Joanna Beckitt

21st April 2021

Women looking through boxes of books

We are incredibly grateful to Joanna Beckitt for remembering Doorstep Library with a legacy gift. The success of our programmes relies on the dedication that our volunteers give to us and the families we work with. Without our volunteers, we simply could not provide the quality and reach of service that we do.

Volunteer Joanna holding a sign saying I love Doorstep Library because I get to read stories with wonderful children.

We would like to celebrate the life of one particular volunteer who gave so much time, dedication and passion to Doorstep Library. Joanna Beckitt passed away in February 2020 leaving her husband Jonathan and her two, now adult, girls behind. Not only did Joanna help so many children on our White City projects through her energy, creativity and enthusiasm as a Home Reading Volunteer but she has also given the charity a legacy gift through her will ensuring others can go on supporting many more families.

‘It gives me great pleasure to see children grow in confidence through reading and listening to stories, and to see the magic of humour.’ Joanna, when applying to become a Doorstep Library reading volunteer. 

Joanna was initially a primary school teacher and later a budding artist who studied Fine Art at the Putney School of Art and Design. She passionately believed in the importance of literacy for all and engaging with children in a non-school environment. She was a self-confessed lover of books, an enthusiastic book club member, and described her house as full of stories, both adults’ and children’s alike. Her favourite children’s book was Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce.

‘We are so grateful to Joanna for all she has done to believe in Doorstep Library and support us. We feel honoured that she chose our charity to dedicate so much time and energy to, as well as providing such a wonderful legacy gift that allows us to continue our work. Thank you Joanna.’ Katie Bareham, Director.

We are indebted to Joanna and so many of our volunteers for all they have done and all they continue to do for us. If you would like to know more about volunteering or leaving a legacy gift please contact us at the details below. For information on other ways to support our work please visit our website:  Support our work.

Volunteering: volunteer@doorsteplibrary.org.uk

Leaving a legacy: rosie@doorsteplibrary.org.uk