Meet Our New Service Delivery Team

20th November 2023

Our New Service Delivery Team

The Doorstep Library delivery team has had a few changes over recent months, including the introduction of Lucy and Monica. With our reading projects sitting at the heart of Doorstep Library, having an experienced and engaging delivery team is key. They not only manage how we recruit and train volunteers, but also our interactions with families, the reading sessions, acquiring new families, and more. Take a look at what Lucy and Monica had to say when we asked them a few questions… 

Introduce Yourself  

Lucy: Hi, I’m Lucy and I’m the new Service Delivery Manager. I manage the delivery of our reading projects across London and online, ensuring that our projects are delivered to schedule and that our families and children are supported. I’m really looking forward to going on visits, getting to meet lots of the wonderful volunteers and joining in with some reading sessions! 

Monica: Hi, my name is Monica I recently started working at Doorstep Library as Head of Delivery and Engagement. I am looking forward to contributing to and progressing the great work of the charity.     

Why Do You Believe Children’s Literacy Is So Important? 

Lucy: Reading is so important for a child’s development and the impact this can have on their life chances, such as increased likeliness of unemployment or lower-skilled jobs. Through reading, children can use their imagination and enjoy the magic of books while developing the skills and confidence they need to thrive later in life. 

Monica: I believe children’s literacy is important in so many ways. For example, it helps children build their confidence, social, communication and interpersonal skills. It also supports their learning and development– creating a good start in life. I particularly believe in Doorstep Library’s impactful work and approach in inspiring a child’s a love of books, of stories and storytelling, instilling a lifelong passion for reading. Involving parents can also enable familial bonds to develop/deepen through reading for pleasure.    

What Do You Hope To Bring To Doorstep Library? 

Lucy: My previous role was coordinating Buddying Programmes for disabled children and young people with a disability charity. I’m a big reader myself, and I want to bring my love of reading to the role while ensuring that programmes are as accessible and inclusive as possible, supporting children to find their love of reading and develop their reading confidence. 

Monica: I hope to contribute to Doorstep Library’s strategy and operational development through my relevant management skills, knowledge and experience which I have developed over the past 22 years within a range of charities, local government departments and the early years sector. I also have experience leading impact and outcome work/strategy. 

What Was Your Favourite Book Growing Up? 

Lucy: The Jolly Postman or Other People’s Letters – Janet & Allan Ahlberg.
I loved having different envelopes to open for the different characters – it felt a very interactive way to engage with a book before we had screens and devices!  

Monica: My favourite book growing up was: ‘Paddington’ by Michael Bond. 

The Jolly Postman BookPaddington Book