Champions for Children 2021

4th June 2021

Like what we do? Help us to reach more children.

For the second year running, Doorstep Library has been selected to take part in the Champions for Children campaign from midday on Tuesday 8th June to midday on Tuesday 22nd June 2021. During the campaign weeks, all donations to Doorstep Library will be doubled!


The campaign provides matched funding from the Childhood Trust and through the Big Give platform to charities delivering critical services to children and young people across London. This is an amazing opportunity for Doorstep Library. If we can raise £25,000 in just one week, we can unlock the full matched funding available to a total of £50,000. The money raised by the campaign will help Doorstep Library continue to fuel children’s natural love of stories, fire their imaginations, and encourage their appreciation of reading.

“Miles just won’t stop reading – he will take a book to bed with him and ask me – Mum can’t I have ten more minutes! When I go to check on him he is often asleep with his book next to him on the pillow. He loves to read the books you bring.” Child, aged 8.

Our top 5 reasons to support the campaign:
  1. For one week only your donation will be doubled (or more!). With Gift Aid, £10 will become £22.50 thanks to our generous pledgers and matched funding partner The Childhood Trust.
  2. The pandemic has hit disadvantaged children the hardest. Families who have less capacity to support home learning have been heavily affected in lockdowns, leaving children at risk of reduced well-being, falling behind in their literacy, and facing limited life chances due to lost schooling.
  3. Over the next year, we will welcome 700 new children to our services and train 150 new volunteers who are crucial to delivering our services.
  4. We’ve got the stamp of approval from the children we already visit! Thanks to the hard work and passion of our volunteers, 97% of children rated their visits as ‘Really Good’, ‘Great’ or YAY.
  5. You don’t have to donate to support us. The campaign introduces new people to our work – help us promote it and spread the word during the campaign week.

The  Campaign week runs from midday on Tuesday 8th to midday on Tuesday 22nd June 2021. You can find out more here. We are grateful for any help you can give to help us meet our target.