Family Reading Resources

We believe every child has a keen reader within them, which Doorstep Library aims to encourage by exploring children’s interests and passions through the exciting world of books.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to what book a child wants to read, which is why our approach is very much child-led and focuses on empowering little readers to try different types of books and find out what ignites their interest. Once that happens, the child is already halfway there on their reading journey.

In this section you can read up on the benefits that Doorstep Library can bring to both your children and the whole family, find out more about our home reading visits (Book a visit) and whether we can come and read with your children, and browse our useful resources. The Parent’s Reading Resources offers a range of tips, tricks and videos to inspire and guide you to read as a family, as well as information on helpful local services. The Children’s Reading Corner is currently under development but will aim to encourage and stimulate your children’s passion for reading through videos and activities. We are continually adding to these areas so please keep checking back!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have also developed and piloted online home reading sessions. These have now been launched and are being offered to families in the areas we work in, and in time, we are hoping to be able to reach out to more families online.