Benefits for Children

Our research shows that our work can have a direct influence on academic performance, concentration, social integration, behaviour, confidence, self-esteem and the happiness of children.

For older children, many of these benefits come from the one-to-one time spent with our volunteers, a chance to discuss books and share ideas.

The difference we make

Other benefits include:

  • Very young children appreciate the routine provided by “story time”; this helps prepare them for nursery
  • Parents are more inclined to take their young children to play groups and enrol them in nurseries at the earliest age
  • Children from families whose mother-tongue is not English overcome their language barriers more quickly and then catch up at school
  • Children and parents begin to consider books and reading for pleasure part of home life.

“Thank you for giving me books. Thank you for giving me books every Tuesday because you are kind.”

Sunita, 6 years old

“Dear Doorstep Library, thank you for all the times you brought books for us. I am really happy that I can get my favourite books so easily.”

Ben 9 years old

“Thank you Emily, so much that you deserve this present and me and Chris really appreciate your help. All thanks to you I love reading more and so does my brother.”

Danny 10 years old