Doorstep Library has always been enthusiastically supported by schools, and we benefit a great deal from that help.

Choosing Doorstep Library as your Charity of the Year is a great way to explore some important things

  • The joy of reading, and reading together
  • Understanding less privileged lives in the communities where your pupils live
  • The impact parents have on a child’s relationship with books

Supporting Your Fundraising

We’re keen to help! Please get in touch to chat about anything you need. As Charity of the Year, here are some of the ways we can support your school in person or digitally:

  • Visit to your PTA or SMT to talk about what Doorstep Library does, and why
  • Present at your school or year assembly
  • Run a stall and activity at your Summer or Christmas Fair
  • Speak at your fundraising event or gala
  • Publicise your school’s support on our social media and blog

Contact Faith Mowbray, our Schools Liaison, at

How We Use The Money Raised

  • £5 helps pay for a new baby book
  • £11 helps buy the newest Tom Gates book
  • £15 helps buy a new rucksack for carrying books to families’ doorsteps
  • £180 helps fund recruitment and training for a new volunteer, to help us visit more children
  • £300 helps fund a new Doorstep Library volunteer to make a year’s worth of visit