Our Impact

At Doorstep Library we evaluate the impact of our work in a number of ways, to ensure we are always making the biggest difference for the families we support.

Each year we capture both qualitative and quantitative data which are included in our Annual Reviews.  In 2020 we commissioned the social enterprise Future Proof Impact & Purpose to compile a detailed impact report, looking at how we at Doorstep Library achieve our broader aims. We reviewed the project data we capture and more than 120 self-assessment surveys were completed by parents, volunteers and our young readers. The output from these surveys was analysed and is included in the full report here. To supplement this, interviews were completed with Doorstep Library staff and Trustees, and semi-structured interviews with parents and volunteers provided an additional level of insight to the issues faced by those involved and the outcomes realised.

Read the full report here or download it below.

This report, and the evaluation supporting it, was completed by Future Proof Impact and Purpose, an independent social enterprise supporting charities to quantify their impact while inspiring young people to a more creative, healthier and positive future.