Champion Role

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Why Does Doorstep Library Need Champions?

Champions are a vital part of our story as they help us to raise awareness with new and more varied audiences.

With more awareness comes more opportunities for building partnerships and attracting more volunteers and donors. Both of these elements are crucial to ensuring our families receive the support that they need and enabling us to expand our reach further.

What Is The Role Of A Champion?

As a Doorstep Library Champion, you will help us raise awareness and support our work in your day-to-day ranging from leafleting to connecting us with your networks. Some responsibilities include:

Connect With Our Social Media Platforms

Our social media platforms include Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. By regularly liking and sharing our posts, it helps us to expand our reach and attract new followers.

Leafleting Around Your Local Area

This is a great way to involve your local community and it’s incredibly valuable in helping us to spread the word, particularly if you live close to one of our projects.

Create Your Own Content/Posts

Creating social media posts and your own written content (e.g. personal blogs or articles) which promote Doorstep Library’s work and volunteering opportunities is a really valuable exercise. Just be sure to tag us in your work and direct users to our website.

Invite Us To Give Talks

We are always looking for opportunities to spread the word about Doorstep Library. As a Champion, you can invite us to give talks about our charity and our volunteering roles at your workplace/school/university or to have a presence at wider events.

You could also introduce or recommend us to your friends, family and wider network.

Take Part In Our Campaigns

You will also take part in our annual campaigns and events such as dressing up for World Book Day to support our work.

Why Should I Get Involved?

From enhancing your CV to building teamwork and confidence, there are a number of reasons why volunteering with Doorstep Library as a Champion can be beneficial.

  • Build Teamwork – You can join a community of volunteers who are united in supporting our mission and will be brought together by taking part in events to support us.
  • Get Involved With Your Local Community – Supporting Doorstep Library will create opportunities to connect with new people and engage with your local community.
  • Make A Difference To The Lives Of Others – By supporting Doorstep Library’s work, you will enable us to reach more volunteers to help us share the magic of reading with more families on our waiting list.
  • Gain Skills To Support Your Future – Our Champion role can enhance your CV as you will be engaging with different audiences to promote our services, create content and develop new skills.

How To Become A Champion

If being a Doorstep Library Champion sounds like something you wish to be involved in, then please get in touch with our Volunteer Engagement Manager Olivia Rawnsley at so that we can start you off on your journey supporting us.

“Getting involved with Doorstep Library is really a breath of fresh air. It’s only a few hours every week where I feel I can make a difference – no week is EVER the same, which I really appreciate and enjoy. There’s constantly new and fun challenges to overcome, whether it’s raining cats and dogs, to finding cats and dogs. The people in the team are supportive, non-judgmental and relaxed yet still knowledgeable and efficient, as we all share the same goals: passion for literature and helping people. I feel it’s a (door)stepping stone to my career involving educating and mentoring young people. The time passes so quickly here and I hope we can expand to benefit more communities and share the love of reading and stories to more children.”