Lina, Amélie and Matteo’s Story

1st July 2024

Small child reading book

When we first started visiting Lina (11), Amélie (9) and Matteo (3), they had very recently moved over to the UK from Switzerland and didn’t speak much English. Our team were keen to find books for the girls which would be easy for them to read and help them with developing their English, while not being too young in content to be interesting.

Their mum explained: “You turned up one day and we thought it sounded like a great idea! Especially in helping the girls with their language”

What Part Of Doorstep Library Do You Value The Most?

“We love the whole thing. The books are great but the time you spend talking to them is great too. The kids love the reading and the chatting.

I can’t answer what is the best part because it’s the whole thing! The kids have learnt a lot of English through the project. It’s a great concept. Keep going, don’t stop and thank you!”

How Would You Describe The Overall Experience?

“The concept is just great – a walking library is just amazing! They have always liked books but they have gotten to know a variety of books that they maybe wouldn’t have looked at before.

For my youngest, it has been great because he has very specific interests and can be hard to please, but you have found books for him too. Skills and challenges – their English is so much better. Not so much grammar but definitely their vocabulary.

It has also helped so much with their confidence – my eldest daughter doesn’t like to read out loud but she is happy to read to you every week”

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