Sam, Mia and Archie’s Story

2nd April 2024

Children Reading London

Sam (aged 11), Mia (aged 4) and Archie (aged 4) have been having reading sessions with Doorstep Library for over 2 years, with the sessions becoming an integral part of their routine. The two younger children (twins) are at nursery, starting school in September. The older child, Sam, is currently in Year 7. 

Here’s what their mum told us when we asked about their experience…

“My friend introduced me to the Doorstep Library service. My oldest didn’t like reading and I wanted to help to get him more interested in books. I also wanted to get my younger twins to enjoy reading from an early age. I couldn’t afford to send them to playgroup/nursery at the time so this has been great in helping them engage with books and learn to sit and listen.” 

What Part Of Doorstep Library Do You Value The Most?

“Honestly we value all of it. The fact that you are coming to us. It saves me so much time going to the library etc. The variety of books is amazing – you always find books on topics we need. When you brought potty training books when I was training the twins, it made it so much easier.

The signposting is great too – you always bring us information about things to do during the holidays when you don’t visit, which is helpful. I now choose not to work on Tuesday evenings, or if I am out I always make sure my sister is here so we can still have visits. They really look forward to it every week. 

The twins have learnt a lot [through the service], not just about books and reading, but about how to sit and listen and how to share and take turns with the books” 

How Would You Describe Your Overall Experience?

“The Doorstep Library service has always been very welcoming, friendly and really positive. I can tell that the volunteers look forward to coming every week and they are very dedicated. It’s just amazing! 

They always try to source books we have asked for or direct us to similar books. All three have developed new skills – loving books, reading, language, listening and sharing.

It has made my older son want to read as he likes the attention he gets from Katie (volunteer) and now looks forward to seeing her every week. Now he reads, gets so into the books, doing voices and acting, he is also really into drama now. Veronica (volunteer) also speaks French with my oldest child, which helps him at school too.”